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COURTS   OF   PARIS,   NAPLES,   ETC.                  65

contrary, say he is recovering fast and will soon
be well. The Duke of Northumberland is to have
the ordnance.

Many caricatures are out. The Prince, as
Prince Hal; John Falstaff, Sheridan; Bardolph,
Jack Payne,* Pistol, &c*; the last scene in
Henry IV*

When Dr* Willis was examined, Sheridan,
with a long string of questions, was ready to
perplex him if possible. Willis said, " Pray, sir,
before you begin, be so good as to snuff those
candles that we may see clear, for I always like
to see the face of the man I am speaking to."

Sheridan was so confounded at this speech of
the basilisk doctor, that he could not get on in
his examination, and for once in his life he was

April 8th. The rejoicings on the King's re-
covery have been universal, and at the Queen's
first drawing-room the crowd was excessive. Her
Majesty is very popular at this moment, which

no sooner saw than he put it on, mounted the balustrade
of the stairs, and fancying himself galloping after the royal
cort&ge, slid down the banisters venire ti terre. He had
rather astonished the servants on the previous day by ask-
ing for sugar and cream when they brought him his soup
at dinner. They were not aware that he mistook it for
green tea.

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